Hayley Williams Debut Solo Album “Petals for Armor”

Finally, the frontman of the emo rock band Paramore, Hayley Williams, has released his debut solo album “Petals for Armor”.

As fans can attest, the release process for this album is quite unique. In addition to having released various singles, Hayley Williams chose to split his debut album into three separate EPs. The first was released surprisingly in February, while the second was released at the end of April. Last Friday May 8th, the iconic singer with usually orange hair, now with a new blonde hair color, has released the full-length form of her debut solo album for the first time.

In a press release, Hayley Williams explains the reasons behind this unique distribution process. “There are a lot of themes covered on this album as a whole and I thought I’d better separate some of these themes so that there is time for everyone to digest some songs before we move on to others. It is a way of involving people in the process of the journey, in the same way as I did ”.

During an open-ended interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe earlier this year, Hayley Williams talked about her history with depression and suicidal thoughts. The singles from her latest album have also been very candid in discussing her mental health struggles, including “Cinnamon” and “Roses / Lotus / Violet / Iris”, her collaborative songs with members of indie group Boygenius, Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus, and Phoebe Bridgers.

Petals for Armor is Hayley Williams ‘first music project since Paramore released their amazing album, After Laughter, in 2017. Hayley Williams’ debut album was co-produced and co-written by Paramore guitarist Taylor York and himself. He was supposed to promote the album on his debut solo tour, but the Covid-19 outbreak forced him to postpone those plans.

Hayley Williams promises not to leave Paramore for a solo album

Hayley Williams believes his friends at Paramore understand that he will not leave the band because he is involved in a personal album project.

The 31-year-old musician released his solo debut album Petals For Armor on May 8, which also marked his first release without a band. Previously Hayley had also released a collaboration single with B.o.B and Zedd.

Williams told Vogue that this decision resembled when guitarist Taylor York took a break in the middle of shooting the music video for Rose-Colored Boy in 2018.

“I told Taylor to always tell me what he needed for Paramore to be ‘healthy’ because we’ve been through enough bullshit,” he said.

“We are adults and have to focus on our friendship. I know we have to respect that this is the time to give ourselves some time, when (we) have not found ourselves at Paramore for a while,” continued Williams.

He then confirmed that he would still return to Paramore in the future.

“I can’t deny that in history, female vocalists who go solo will not return [to their original band], so that’s where I have to believe that my band knows that it’s not looking for ‘greener grass,'” he said.

Williams also compared himself to Julian Casablancas (The Strokes) and Thom Yorke (Radiohead) who made solo albums but still returned to their band again.

“They were doing their own job and nobody thought that would destroy The Strokes or Radiohead,” he said.

Previously, Williams had revealed to NME that Paramore had discussed their next album after “After Laughter” (2017).

“We listen to a lot of older music which is our inspiration,” he said, adding that Paramore was committed to always making something new and not repeating the same thing in its music.

“That excitement and curiosity is what makes us a band. We won’t let it happen unless we think of it as the coolest thing in the world, I mean, my favorite band Paramore. How dare I ever destroy it?”