Here are 5 Indonesian bands with the most followers on Instagram

While the number of followers is not a measure of success in a musician’s career, having a large following proves that they are well-liked on social media. This makes musicians even more creative in presenting content for their followers and eventually many will follow.

These are the Indonesian bands that have the most followers on Instagram, which are as follows.


The band, which consists of Ariel, Lukman, and David, is an Indonesian band that has the most followers on Instagram. His followers now number 765 thousand, it is not surprising when seen from the many loyal fans of this band from their name Peterpan. Noah’s accomplishments need not be doubted and gaining fans and followers on Instagram is a natural thing.

The contents of Noah’s intagran are very neat with a good design that makes it easy for us to see. On average, their Intagram content contains their activities related to the band, such as gig schedules, new releases, and other important announcements.

At the time of writing, on June 18, 2020, they announced the song they had just released on the radio. The song is entitled “Kala Cinta Menggoda”, a remake of the song of the same name by the late legendary singer Chrisye. The next day, June 19, 2020, they will release this song on various digital platforms.

For more information about Noah, just visit the Instagram at

2. Sheila on 7

Anyone in Indonesia will know this phenomenal band consisting of Duta, Eros, Adam, and Brian, namely Sheila on 7. This Yogyakarta-based band has become popular and famous thanks to their debut song entitled “Dan”. Their other songs are also very popular with their fans.

This band has been around for a long time, but they are still active until now, even attending high school pensioners, where high school children were not yet born when the hits Sheila on 7 was released.

They are ranked second in the Most Followers on Instagram with a total of 684 thousand followers. Their Instagram content is also very neat and mostly information about their musical activities from their gig schedule and releasing something new.

Check out their Instagram at

3. Fourtwnty

Fourtwnty is currently the most popular band of the indie scene. They became popular when they filled the original soundtrack of the film “Filosofi Kopi 2”. Through their song “Zona Nyaman”, which is easy to hear, they have become famous and have many fans. They are the most frequent and busy band because their stage schedule is very busy.

With their songs and all of their works, they undercut brilliant achievements such as winning the Indonesia Choice Award in the Breakthrough Artist of the Year category.

Fourtwnty’s success is also due to their beautiful yet simple stage action. With members Ari Lesmana, Nuwi, and Roots, they also gained success on Instagram social media with the third highest number of followers and an Indonesian band with a total of 634 thousand followers.

To follow Instagram they can directly visit


This is no longer in doubt because Slank is a living legend band that is still working until now. Fans are number one in Indonesia competing with fans from Iwan Fals. To the point that there is a joke that at any concert there must be a Slank flag.

The achievement of the band led by Bimbim, Kaka, Ridho, Abdi, and Ivanka is no longer questionable. Dozens of albums have been created from the start of the band’s formation and the hits are always popular with Slankers.

In social media, Slank is very active even though he is already a senior. On the YouTube channel, Bimbim is active in creating reaction content by today’s Indonesian musicians. The Instagram content is also very neatly designed and easy on the eyes when we visit it. It is no wonder that they are ranked fourth in having the band with the most followers on Instagram which reaches 560 thousand followers.

It’s no surprise that Slank has such a large number of followers where Slankers is one of the biggest fanbases at the moment. the fans are also not from the old, many young people also like this band.

Continue to support Slank with his latest album titled “Slanking Forever”. To get closer to Slank, visit Instagram at

5. Burgerkill

This metalcore band managed to rank fifth in their position in the band with the most followers on Instagram, reaching 419 thousand followers. With this, Burgerkill became the only metal band to enter the top five most followers on Instagram.

A little history of Burgerkill, the name Burgerkill is a unique play on the name of the famous restaurant Burger King. From their active period from 1995 until now, they have released at least 4 albums. Before being replaced by Vicky, the vocalist for Burgerkill was started by Ivan Scumbag who died July 27, 2006.

The band fronted by Vicky, Eben, Agung, Ramdan, and Putra has indeed made many achievements both domestically and internationally. They have also toured the world to various big cities.

Burgerkill’s Instagram content is very well designed and does look like any metal band. They always provide news and announcements about the band through their Instagram which more often contains gig schedules, the latest releases, merchandise, and so on.

Immediately, for those who are curious, you can see the Instagram at