Secret Number: Kpop girl group that took Indonesia by storm

Secret Number which has just debuted with a single song called “Who Dis?”. They debuted under the agency Vine Entertainment. With 5 members, they are beautiful and charismatic, namely Lea, Dita, Jinny, Soodam, and Denise.

The concept they presented was a girl crush that was heavily influenced by their sanbae (seniors) 2NE1, but still brought a new color to the K-pop world. With this concept, they mostly hook female fans like other groups with the girl crush concept.

Their music video is entitled “Who Dis?” immediately skyrocketed number one YouTube trending in Indonesia in a few days. Indonesia is a contributor to very large views. As already mentioned, this is because one of the members, named Dita, is from Indonesia. Indonesian fans are enthusiastic about Dita’s presence at Secret Number.

Complete Profile of Member Secret Number

Let’s get to know more about Secret Number and its members. Some have already mentioned above the short Secret Number profiles which consist of Lea, Dita, Jinny, Soodam, and Denise. Judging from their nationality, only one of them is a Korean citizen, Soodam.

Lea comes from Japan, Dita from Indonesia, Jinny and Denise from Korea who have United States citizenship, and Soodam from Korea. With this, they can be called a Global Girl Group which is not only targeting the Korean market but also the world. Oh yeah, even so, their Korean is really good.

The introduction of the Secret Number is very unique. In various events, usually a group will introduce the group’s name. So their introduction begins with the sentence, “What’s your number?”

So far no official fandom name has been announced by Vine Entertainment for Secret Number fans.

To get to know more about lahgi, let’s discuss their profiles one by one which are as follows.


Lea is the oldest member of the group, born on August 12, 1995. Playing as a Leader and Vocalist. Lea showed that she is very worthy in the position of leader because she is like the other manager members as mentioned during their debut Showcase.

Lea’s birth name is Ogawa Mizuki. Yes, he is a Japanese citizen and originally from Tokyo. Leah has the nickname Thomas Gicha. Her role model is Sunmi and she is deeply influenced by it.

Previously, Lea had participated in a survival competition called Mixnine as an independent trainee. He was eventually eliminated in episode 7 at a rating of 109.


Dita is a member who makes Indonesians, especially Kpop fans, an uproar. How could she not, because she is the first Indonesian woman to debut in Korea. In the Secret Number, he occupies the position of playing dancer or main dancer. Indeed, it seems that he is very good at dancing which turns out to be Dita is a former member of 1Million Dace Studio.

His real complete name is Anak Agung Ayu Puspa Aditya Karang, usually simply abbreviated as Dita Karang. Born on December 25, 1996, and is a Capricorn sign. From his name, we know that he is indeed a native Balinese and he grew up in Yogyakarta.

 Before becoming a trainee in Korea, he studied in New York, United States. Dita’s main influence in her career is 2NE1.

The unique fact for Dita is that she is good at playing basketball, has won in journalist competitions, made friends with Vanya Z-Girls, her favorite Indonesian song is “Kangen” sung by Chrisye, likes Twice, IU, and of course 2NE1.


Jinny in Secret Number plays the rapper, it is proven that the rap he performs is very good. He also composed the rap lyrics for the song “Who Dis?”. Indeed, Jinny is talented as a rapper. He was born on January 19, 1998, and has the zodiac sign Capricorn. Jinny comes from Los Angeles, California, United States. His real name is Jinny Park or his Korean name is Park Jin Hee.

There was news that Jinny had almost debuted with Blackpink. Initially he was a YG Entertainment trainee. YG was currently preparing to debut a new girl group called Pink Punk as the next generation of 2NE1.

Blackpink members; Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa; as well as four other trainees including Jinny participated in this debut project. But unfortunately, for various reasons Jinny and other trainees couldn’t debut for various reasons. Finally in 2016, Blackpink debuted with 4 members without Jinny.

Jinny had previously participated in Produce 48 survival as an independent trainee. But he stopped at episode 6 with a ranking of 69.


Soodam, whose real name is Lee Soo Dam, is the only member of Korean nationality, born on November 9, 1999, in the zodiac sign Scorpio. Due to her undoubted beauty, Soodam occupies a Visual position in Secret Number. She also earned the ulzzang nickname, a nickname made for people who are popular for their beauty.

There are some interesting facts from Soodam. First, he wears braces. Her nickname is Dami. He is also very good at cooking and salmon is his favorite food. He also loves to eat a lot of kimchi. He has also studied Korean traditional dance.


Denise, real name Denise Kim, known as MMM, comes from America, Maknae (youngest member), and Main Vocal. Denise’s voice is brilliant as she sings the chorus of the song “Who Dis?”, No doubt she is very talented. The youngest member, he was born in Texas, USA on January 11, 2001. Despite being a maknae, Denise is the tallest member.

Denise is also a former trainee under YG. He has also participated in a show at Kpop Star Season 5 by playing guitar. At the event he was in a group called Mazinga.

Unique facts about Denise are her favorite food is pancakes, her favorite color is blue, her favorite animal is whales, her favorite season is winter, her favorite song is peonies, and her favorite TV Show is “The Office”.

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