Taylor Swift Releases New Album “Folklore”

Exactly 23 July, Taylor Swift, who started her musical career in the country genre, surprisingly announced the release of her 8th album. I personally like Taylor Swift since 2009. As far as I know, Swift always gives her new album release date from long ago. Whether it’s just a post on Facebook, post a release date in the Twitter bio, until those who are somewhat intent on installing the countdown feature on Instagram Story.

Taylor Swift probably doesn’t really need long-term promos like she used to. Fourteen years of work has made him have millions of fans spread across various countries. As a result, despite releasing an album suddenly without any promotion started, the attention it received was still very large.

Taylor Swift Releases New Album “Folklore”

The Folklore album is described as an impromptu album that he made during self-quarantine at home. This album is also considered the most santuy compared to other albums.

Folklore is made as magical as possible, from the notes in each song, from the number of instruments, even the letters used in the album all use lowercase letters as they are made as personal as possible, like the contents of our WhatsApp chat to our next door neighbor.

Folklore has 16 songs that are all great and for me, this is the most aesthetic album Taylor Swift has ever released. But, for some reason there are some songs that attract the most attention from listeners.

Folklore album is predicted to be the album of people who have been trapped in a love triangle. It is proven by the existence of three songs that were made as if shouting to one another. The three of them are “Cardigan”, “August”, and “Betty”.

If Evie Tamala had the song “Tunggara” and Maia Estianty had “Sang Penggoda”, I think “August” had similar contents but with different colors and perspectives.

Not only did I hear the lyrics for my own interpretation, as a fan I felt obliged to take part in the timeline or find out other Swifties’ comments about the album. Taylor Swift herself has explained three songs from these three different perspectives.

Ordinary people might think, the song “August” is just an ordinary song of the heart of a woman who cannot have someone completely. In fact, “Cardigan” recounted the view of a woman who was cheated on.

“Betty” is described as an apology song of a 17 year old boy who regrets his actions, but somehow shows his lack of seriousness through the cheerful tone of the song.

Meanwhile, “August” is a song that tells the side of a woman who has an affair with the guy as known as the actor.

“August” is my favorite song from Folklore. In terms of music and instruments, all the harmonies are perfecto. In this song we seem to be forced to understand the bitterness of the impact of the love triangle which was also felt by the actor.

In “August”, it is described how the girl was aware of her mistake but could not stick with her conscience. Even though she realizes that he can come back to her boyfriend at any time, she can’t help but enjoy every second of their company.

Here I feel that Taylor Swift is focusing on targeting her market to Indonesia, because the pelakor issue is the best-selling issue for frying in Indonesia. Ha ha ha.

It is proven by the presence of the Indosiar cinema which airs all day long with the same story models and the ending is easy to guess, but is very salable in the market.

Overall, the three songs were made very nicely and pleasant to hear. Like hearing people fighting, but using tone. What I can conclude from the three songs, they contain the love triangle between James, Betty, and the August girl, each of which has their own bitterness.

Even though at the ending of the song, each of them seems unable to let each other go, we can learn that cheating and infidelity are confusing things.