The Journey of a Paramore Rock Band with Many Fans

Paramore is a band from Tennessee, United States with personnel. The band has already held concerts in Indonesia twice. First in 2011 and second in 2018. In both concerts they showed their best performance which made fans in Indonesia so amazed by this favorite band.

Paramore was initially formed by several personnel, namely Hayley William, Josh Farro, Zac Farro, and Jason Clark. After changing personnel, their newest formation left only three people, namely Hayley (vocals and piano), Zac Farro (drums), and Taylor York (guitar). So far as they have worked since 2004, they have produced 5 studio albums.

The five albums are “All We Know is Falling”, “Riot!”, “Brand New Eyes”, “Paramore”, and “After Laugther”. It feels like every time they release an album, there will be personnel changes because there are so many conflicts within the band. Only Hayley was noted who never left the band.

Even though there were many conflicts in this band, it did not dampen the achievements it made. Good response was obtained when they released the single “Misery Business” which is included in the album “Riot!”. This has made Paramore a band that has been recognized worldwide. Many of the world tours they have done have almost all sold out.

Let us discuss the Paramore band more deeply by discussing the albums they have released.

All We Know Is Falling

On this album, who are listed as personnel are Hayley William, Josh Farro, Zac Farro, and Jason Bynum. Their early guitarists Taylor York and Jason Clark were unable to participate because their labels turned them down. Their bassist Jeremy Davis was also unable to participate due to some reason he left the band before the album was released. So the name is only listed as a credit.

Paramore’s first album contains ten songs and their flagship singles are “Pressure”, “Emergency”, and “All We Know”. Some of the achievements and good responses they got by releasing this album. such as obtaining gold certificates in the UK (100,000 plus sales) and Australia (35,000 plus sales).


In this album, they are increasingly fierce to issue their tajinya. The single “Misery Business” paved the way for Paramore to become better known in the world. In total there are eleven songs on the album “Riot!”, In addition to “Misery Business” other singles namely “Hallelujah”, “Crushcrushcrush”, and “That’s What You Get”.

When releasing this album, the formation was four members, namely Hayley, Josh, Zac, and Jeremy Davis. The success on this album can be seen from several Billboard charts, they occupy the top positions on several charts in several countries. They are also certified platinum from their album sales which reached more than 2,000,000 copies.

After an interval of a year, they decided to record their concert in Chicago and release it as a live album titled “The Final Riot!”.

Brand New Eyes

On this third Paramore studio album, there were many internal band problems that continued. Finally, 2009 they released the album Brand New Eyes which contains the views of all personnel with a new perspective.

The logo of this album is taken from the lyrics of the song which became the second single on the album “Brick by Boring Brick”. There are a total of five singles from this album, namely:

1. Ignorance

2. Brick by Boring Brick

3. The Only Exception

4. Playing God

One year after the release of this album, shocking news that the Farro brothers, Josh and Zac, decided to leave the band. It seems they are having a very deep conflict. Hayley said the reason they left was because they weren’t happy at Paramore.

The official news that Josh Farro finally made a band called Nove America and Zac Farro form a band called Half Noice.


Although their initial retainer left, Hayley stated that he would continue with Paramore and would soon release a new album. Leaving only three personnel, Hayley, Taylor, and Jeremy. Their first release with the formation of three people was when they filled the original soundtrack for the film Transformer: Dark of the Moon with the song titled “Monster”.

After that in 2013 they released their fourth album which was entitled the same as their band name “Paramore”. They released their first single “Now”, followed by subsequent singles “Daydreaming”, “Still Into You”, and “Ain’t It Fun”. The song “Ain’t It Fun” became the Best Rock Song at the 57th Grammy Awards.

In 2015, Jeremy Davis decided to leave the band again. In fact, he clashed with Hayley and York over the right to receive benefits from several Paramore songs. But in the end this case was over and ended well on both sides.

After Laughter

Zac Farro finally decided to return to Paramore as a drummer. Initially he just announced that he would record the drums on Paramore’s latest album. However, February 2 2017, through social media Paramore announced that Zac was returning to Paramore. The fans were made happy to hear this news.

Finally they formed three more people, namely, Hayley, Taylor, and Zac. April 2017 they finally released their latest album titled “After Laughter”. Their music in this song is completely different from the previous songs. The songs on this album contain touches of new sonic direction, 1980’s new wave, and synth-pop.

The featured singles on this album are as follows.

1. Hard Times

2. Told You So

3. Fake Happy

4. Rose-Colored Boy

5. Caught in the Middle

In 2018, at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium concert, USA they made an important announcement that they would not be performing the song “Misery Business” in the future. They will perform the song the last time there.

 This is because there are controversial lyrics in the song, namely:

Second chances, they don’t ever matter, people never change / Once a whore, you’re nothing more, I’m sorry that’ll never change.

The lyrics are degrading to women and are anti-feminist in nature. Hayley regrets making the lyrics for the song. he admitted that he made the lyrics of the song as a teenager who often made mistakes. Indeed, this song was very successful which won 3 platinum, but the problem is now.

In 2020, Hayley William parted ways with Paramore as he was preparing his soil album. In May 2020, he released his debut solo album entitled “Petals For Armor”. The album was assisted in production by his bandmate, Taylor York. The main single on this album is entitled “Simmer”. This album can be obtained and listened to via digital.

Also in 2020, Hayley announced that they are preparing their new album after the last release of 2017. They are already looking for inspiration from old music and are likely to return to their original path of pop punk or alternative rock.

Continue to support Paramore by waiting for their latest works while reminiscing about their old songs. What’s your favorite Paramore song?