These Are Two of the Best Indonesian Music Online News Portals

Before the digital era began to develop and expand as it is today, around before the 2010s, music lovers in Indonesia were looking for updates from their favorite musicians via music magazines. Not much news was available at that time, because news about music was limited and only people who subscribed to music magazines were updated.

Various Indonesian Music magazines were victorious at that time. From the 90s we recognize several old magazines such as Trolley, Aktuil, NewsMusik, Ripple, and Tabloid Mumu. Until the 2000s, this was the peak period for this music magazine, for example Hai, Trax, and Rolling Stone Indonesia.

But all the names of the magazines are now just memories. Everything is closed because people’s habits in opening news tend to change in the digital era. People prefer online news portals rather than in print. Because online news can now be updated faster and more practically.

These Are Two of the Best Indonesian Music Online News Portals

Nowadays, news portal about music in Indonesia is mushrooming. However, you need to choose a music news portal whose credibility is guaranteed because of its big name. There are various things that you can watch with music news from Indonesian and foreign musicians.

These are the two best Indonesian Music online news portals recommended by us.

Pop Today

You can access it at This site stems from a compilation CD album of 9 Indonesian musicians with the same title, Pop Hari Ini. The CD was released June 1, 2016 by Organic Records, which is also the music label of the band Maliq & D’Essentials. This CD seems to describe Indonesian pop culture at that time.

From this compilation CD, they opened the site, as reported by the website, the goal of opening is to show the creative face of Indonesia today. They keep abreast of changes in Indonesian pop culture.

What are the contents of pophariini? All the news here discusses Indonesian pop culture. Yes, one hundred percent discuss Indonesia, mostly Indonesian music. The content of the music news is very informative and there are interviews with various musicians who are eagerly awaited by fans.

Indonesian music is the main thing that is discussed, for example, the content of interviews with musicians. There are also various music videos, interviews with musicians, and so on. Apart from that, the site also provides an online shop that sells various kinds of original merchandise from your favorite musicians. From T-shirts, CDs, books, and various other goods.

Oh yes, they also opened other platforms on various social media. You can follow Pop Today at:

• Facebook:

• Instagram:

• Twitter:

• YouTube:

Billboard Indonesia

Billboard was originally a magazine from the United States that discusses music that has existed for more than 100 years. Well, Billboard Indonesia is the Indonesian version. However, Billboard Indonesia does not run a print magazine business but an electronic magazine that you can open at

Billboard Indonesia is still relatively new because it only appeared in November 2018. However, because the name Billboard has high credibility, you don’t need to ask anymore. The contents of the site discuss various kinds.

Most of the contents discuss Indonesian Music from all genres, indie and conventional. But they also discuss music in general including international music. There is also a news article from Billboard which is translated into Indonesian which can be a great update.

The k-pop music market in Indonesia is huge. So, Billboard Indonesia specially designed a Koreative feature, which specifically discussed Korean pop culture, from the main thing is music, entertainment, and lifestyle. If you like k-pop, find updates about k-pop musicians here.

Billboard in its place of origin has something famous, namely music charts. One of the famous ones is the Billboard Hot 100, which is 100 famous charts in the United States and has been recognized by the world as the best music chart. Every week this chart changes according to people’s interest in the song.

Starting September 25, 2019, every week on Wednesdays regularly, Billboard Indonesia opens a special Indonesian Music chart called Billboard Indonesia Top 100.Data from this music chart is taken from music streaming platforms and video streaming platforms.